Orchid Plants

Orchid Plants

Sanjay Nursery in One of the Major Importer of Premium Quality Orchid Plants In India . We can Supply Plants from Flask Stage , Seedlings Stage to Flowering Size. We breed and Source Quality Orchids from Original Sources in India, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia and various other countries.
We Can Supply the Following Variety in Orchids
Phalaenopsis Orchids
We currently import and Supply this Orchids to Farmers, Nurseries, Wedding Managers, Landscapers, Airports, Hotels, Individuals, Corporates and a Host of Clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all! While they have specific needs, orchids aren’t fussy. With a few simple tips (like watering them just right), you’ll be a pro in no time.
Phalaenopsis orchids, often called moth orchids, are perfect for starting your orchid journey. They’re beautiful, forgiving of little mistakes, and readily available.
Look for a plant with firm, green leaves and roots that are silvery-white. If there are flower spikes, that’s a bonus!
Individual blooms can last for weeks, and with proper care, your orchid can reflower several times a year.
Don’t hesitate to ask! Many garden centers and orchid enthusiasts are happy to share their knowledge and help you create a thriving orchid haven.

Orchid Plants

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