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Vertical Gardening Is Indoor And Also Outdoor Concept.

Living walls or green walls are self sufficient vertical gardens that are attached to the exterior or interior of a building. They differ from green façades (e.g. ivy walls) in that the plants root in a structural support which is fastened to the wall itself. The plants receive water and nutrients from within the vertical support instead of from the ground.

Vertical Gardening Can be Done for Indoor as well as Outdoor Purposes .

For a Smaller size Vertical Gardens like below 100 sq ft you can Manually water the area but for areas above 100 sq ft You can have drip irrigation System to Water the Vertical Gardens .

For Vertical Gardens You would require a simple MS Steel Structure if You have a Wall support however if the Wall in not there you are required to make a Strong Structure to Support the Weight of the Vertical Garden Modules and Panels .

The Cost of Vertical Gardens varies between Rs.650 per sq ft to Rs.1600 per Sq ft depending upon a number of Factors such as the System you choose , Structure , Design ,Plants , Irrigation System ,Location  etc.

You can grow whichever Plants you like on the Vertical Gardens like herbs to make them as beautiful as You would like them to see .

We offer the Complete solution for Vertical Gardening right from making the structure ready to irrigation and completing the entire Gardening for You .

So What are You waiting For !!! Now Give a Beautiful Look to Your Walls Why Not Make them Living Walls

Vertical Garden Catalogs and Installation Guides.

Operating and Installation Manual of Vertical Gardens

GreenWall Presentation By Sanjay Nursery

Indoor and Outdoor Plants Vertical Gardens



sting of the leaves should be regularly done. If you do not mist the leaves, it will lead to humid conditions which can be bad for the plant.

WATER: One of the major reasons behind a vertical garden failing, is the improper supply of water to the plants. Too much water is very fatal to plants as it causes rotting of the roots. With that said, too little water is also harmful as in those conditions the plant does not get replenished. Plants should be watered three to four times a week,i.e, every alternate day.

FERTILIZERS:  Every plant needs at least 16 types of micro nutrients  for its proper growth and development. Media used in a vertical garden is soil-less, therefore fertilizers are required to regulate the growth of the plants. 

Sanjay nursery provides self-made special fertilizers for growth of plants. 

There are two methods which are generally used to fertilize the plants. These are- 

  1. Foliar Spray
  2. Direct in media (POTS) through drip irrigation(TANK)



  1. The growth of plants depends on the weather and the nature as well.
  2. Old leaves turn yellow with time and should be removed using a secator, i.e, gardening scissors. Generally, the old yellow leaves fall down automatically after new leaves appear. 
  3. If your place is dirty, make sure to mist the leaves 
  4. Plants should be fertilized regularly and as per the schedule.




Pattern for vertical garden installation

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Vertical Garden : DIY Series

Vertical Garden Pots and Panels Catalog.

Introduction of Vertical Garden Panels

Vertical Garden India

FAQ Vertical Gardens

Vertical garden is a type of garden over a wall where the plants are potted in plastic panels.

Mostly shrubs and groundcovers are preferred; medicine plants, green vegetable and herbs can also be planted. Plants with short roots are best.
There are two types of method; Drip irrigation and tap water through pipe but preferably if the area is more than 50sqft then drip irrigation has to be done less than that can be done through pipe water.
Water inlet and outlet, if indoor then some light is needed so artificial light is must, if no wall then fabricated structures.
3-4kg per sqft approximately including panels, plants and pots.
40 liter of water is required for an area of 100sqft and it is important to water it every alternate day.
Mostly black color is used other than that pink, red, white, yellow, blue and orange are also available.
Coco peat media is coconut husk mixed with some inorganic and organic content.
Yes we could but the owner have to bear the charges for plants and transportation.
No it does not affect the wall because we put aluminum strips before putting our panels. Only some drilling will be done on wall to hold the aluminum bars. And it would be best if the wall could be made waterproof before going for vertical garden over a wall.
We provide annual maintenance but charges vary according to the area, city, and height.
Being an organic matter it get decomposed after sometime refilling the pot with vertical media after every 6-12 months will be preferably good.
Yes the fertilizers are important and these fertilizers are imported and formulated fertilizers.
For some pest disease as preventive measures we used chemical sprays, you could also use Neem oil every week for the prevent plants from ants and other pest
Once in a 2-3 days or when the coco peat is little dry. This may change according to season.
Coco peat, coco chips, thermacol, and around 12 inorganic and organic compounds

Vertical Garden India

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