Vertigreen Biowall Panel

Vertigreen Biowall Gardening Is Indoor And Also Outdoor Concept.

The Vertical Garden Panels designed by Sanjay Nursery are used to Create ” Green Walls / Living Walls ”.
The Product can be used to Beautify your Garden with your Choice of Plants that can include from Flowering Plants, Foliage Plants to Herbs..
Panel Size : 19 Inch (H) X 6.5 Inch (L) & Pot Size : 7(L) X 4.5(H) X 6(W) (Inch) For more information Please refer images
Area covered by 1 set : 0.85 sq, Pot Volume : 1400 CC
It Comes in separate Pcs, you need ti install it.

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Introduction of Vertigreen Biowall Garden Panels

Installation of Drip Irrigation System in Vertigreen Biowall Gardening

Vertigreen Biowall Panel

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